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10 Ways an ESA is Beneficial for a Person with Autism

Autism is a form of mental disorder that is hard to manage and since there is no definite cure for it, people with autistic children need to do a lot to manage their kid’s health and keep up with the treatment. The treatment takes place in stages and doctors use different methods for it.

Bringing an emotional support animal home is one such method that helps in managing the condition of the people suffering from this disease. As per the University of Lincoln research, autistic children and adults have seen tremendous improvement in their condition with the stress levels being considerably and improvement in communication.

However, to bring an ESA at home, an ESA letter is needed as these animals are not mere pets and enjoy more rights than them. They help in normalizing the lives of the people and make it more ‘livable’

Wondering how does an emotional support dog helps the kids and adults struggling with autism? Below are the top 10 ways an ESA could help a person with autism.

1. Road fety Training: Children and adults suffering from autism learn road safety tips and rules better when taught through an animal-assisted method. Teaching them these road safety tips helps in keeping them safe and out of danger.

2. Teaching through Games: Games like Pairs and hide and seek are more than just for entertainment. These games teach the kids about taking turns and knowing the meaning of sharing. Playing with ESA dog comes many benefits as the person could learn without the stress of losing.

3. ESA Dog provides Companionship: Mostly, people suffering from autism are living in isolation as they are different and it is difficult for them to make friends. A dog provides a healthy and friendly companionship to them and ends this isolation.

4. Eases Stress for Parents: As per the University of Lincoln’s survey, the introduction of an emotional support dog at home has reduced their stress to a large extent as now they know that their kid is having someone to spend their time with.

5. Helps in Overcoming Fear: Autistic people are afraid of many things like going to school, going to the dentist or simply, going out in the park. The presence of a loyal companion gives a sense of security and surety that they are not alone.

6. Opens doors for New Opportunities and Ideas: Having an autistic person at home means that the family, and the person himself, have limited interests and activities. Having a dog at home opens doors to new opportunities like persuading the person into trying new training.

7. Helps with the Sensory Needs: An emotional support dog is a great help for the people who need sensory support. Dogs are natural people pleasers and they do not mind being extra helpful in case you need sensory support. Reports say that when a dog places its head into a person’s lap, the person feels calm and it lowers the anxiety and stress level.

8. Lowers Social Anxiety: Because of being different, people suffering from autism suffer a lot from social stress and anxiety issues. They do not like to go out and an ESA helps them in doing it easily. With an ESA dog by their side, they are not afraid to go out and have some quality time with their family.

9. Helps in Making Friends: An ESA dog is a non-judgemental companion that does not judge its owner and provides pure friendship. This helps in making friends with other people also as the person would be more open and confident.

10. Builds Personality: Autistic kids an adults are usually shy and people know very little about them. With an ESA, their personality opens up and this builds their personality.

An ESA offers a lot of benefits to the people suffering from autism. They are loving, non-judgemental and playful companions that have infectious personalities and they help others loosen up too.But remember that you need an esa letter for housing to keep an esa with you.